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This is how Social Media causes Depression and Anxiety in Teens!

Irrespective of a place or an occasion, parents usually find their teenagers deeply involved with their Smart Phone Screens. So, what’s so interesting about their cell phones that make them forget the whole world?

Social Media was actually created to help people stay connected with friends that are miles away. But, teenagers somehow use it as a medium to showcase their happy and luxurious lifestyles. This is the reason why teenagers feel socially pressurised to look, eat and live in a way that is appealing to others on their friend list.

Excessive Social Media usage causes depression and anxiety among teens. When teenagers are unable to depict their false image on different social media platforms, they start getting depressed.

Cause of Social Media Depression

Following are three primary reasons that cause Social Media Depression:

    • Pressure to sink in:

Teenagers who are always online on social media platforms feel pressurized to share flawless pictures of themselves. Teens come from different family and financial backgrounds, but there is a constant social pressure over them to show how happening their lifestyle is in every aspect.

  • Limited Social Skills:

This is not where this pressure ends, the urge to come up with something new every day in terms of pictures, captions, and style of photography is what makes some teenagers feel that they have limited social skills and need to improve themselves to get recognized socially.

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  • Cyber Bullying:

Sometimes, it is not only the pressure to perform better that makes them anxious, but getting harassed or bullied by other people of their age is what makes them depressed.

Symptoms of Depression:

These are the following symptoms of depression that you must look for in your teen if he/she is too much involved with Social Media:

  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Mood Swings
  • Visible Weight loss or Weight gain
  • Lack of self care
  • Feeling tired
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Social Isolation
  • Lack in concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Suicidal thoughts

How to deal with depressed teenagers?

In order to deal with depressed teens, the only solution is to talk to them about their anxiety. Talking to your teenagers out is the best way to first understand and convince them to limit its usage.

To help your teen get out of depression, you need to make them trust that you are not going to over react if they share what’s going on with their lives.

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How to monitor your teen’s Social Media Activity?

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