Top 10 Detective Apps For Others iPhone and Android

Top 10 Detective Apps For Others iPhone and Android

No matter whether we accept it or not but with the rise in Infidelity, Dishonesty, Fraud, Corruption, and Scams, Surveillance has become a matter of primary importance. And it’s been observed that people generally like to hire Detectives for this purpose.

But hiring a detective could turn out to be very expensive and doesn’t guarantee great results. Moreover, with the advancement in technology, culprits are now using technologically advanced methods that further turn out to be untraceable with lame human detection procedures.

So, let’s discuss few details about what a Detective is capable of doing and what not!

Capabilities Of Private Detectives

  • They can follow someone for you
  • Interview people for you
  • Conduct income, employment, and background check
  • Can do all kind of legal record research
  • Limitations Of Private Detectives

  • Cannot trace calls
  • Cannot keep an eye on their online activities
  • Cannot track messages sent and received via instant messaging applications
  • Cannot keep a track of their emails, multimedia files as well as web browser history
  • Basically, limitations of private detective are way more than what he/she is actually capable of doing! So, it’s not at all a good idea to hire one!
    So, now what! Should you drop the whole idea about surveillance? No, obviously not! Rather, you should look for a smarter or more technologically advanced idea that could serve all your spying needs.
    You must be Confused right now for sure but don’t be! There are various Detective Apps for iPhone and Android available in the market that you can use in order to spy on your employees, kids and even your better half.
    Private Investigation Apps

    What are Detective Apps?

    Detective Apps are smartphone compatible applications that let you spy on targeted person’s cell phone usage by providing you full access to their cell phones. These detective apps can basically be used for the following three surveillance need
    Employee Monitoring
    For all those who are worried about their employees misbehaving or showing unethical behavior at workplace can use these Detective Apps as an Employee Monitoring Software and track down all their activities at workplace.
    Teen Monitoring
    All parents who are worried about their teenage kids being addicted to the Internet or being influenced by bad company can use these Private Investigation Apps as Child Monitoring Software and constantly keep an eye on their online activity.
    Spouse Monitoring
    These apps are a miracle app for all the lovers out there suspicious about their partners cheating on them as they can use these Mobile Detective Apps as Spouse monitoring Software and catch their cheating partners red-handed!

    Features Offered By Private Investigation Apps

    There are a wide range of features that a Detective App offers for both Android and iPhone. Basically, these apps offer tracking of the following:
    Text Messages: These apps let you read the targeted user’s sent as well as received messages along with date and time stamp

    Call Logs: Detective Apps can even help you go through your child or partner’s call logs and also offer call recording features

    Emails: Private Investigation Apps let you keep an eye on all inbound and outbound emails that have either been sent or received by the targeted user

    Instant Messaging Applications: You can even track your lover’s IM Chat messages, shared multimedia files, and even stickers and GIF’s sent via these instant messaging applications

    Web Browser History: You can even track URL’s of most visited websites as well as trace all bookmarks that have been saved by the suspicious user

    GPS/Location: These investigator apps let you track current location of your teenager and also give you an extra privilege to Geo-Fence certain locations that you find dangerous

    Extra Features:

    Features like Live Screenshot, Remote Spy Camera, Surrounding Recording, Key Loggers are some advanced features that these Private Investigation Apps offer its users.
    So, now that you enough about what detective apps are all about, let’s get you acquainted with the Top 10 Detective Apps for iPhone and Android. So, here are the following:
    With such great Private Investigation Apps available in the market, it would be mere foolishness to look for a private detective. Switch to a smarter solution! Buy any of the above mentioned Mobile Detective Apps for iPhone and Android and make your life simpler!