Remotely Track iPhone And Android Phone with these top 10 Remote Spy Apps

Top 10 Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps to buy this year

Cell Phone Spying software has indeed become extensively popular in the recent years and all thanks to the digital age we live in. With so many mobile phones around us and everyone so active on the internet, remote spy apps have somewhat become a necessity in the modern times.

So, What is a Cell Phone Spying Software?

A Cell Phone Spying Software is an application which allows you to monitor the targeted cell phone by remotely providing you complete access to his/her phone(the one you wish to spy). But these Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps have different names as per different needs. In other words, for parents struggling with teenager’s excessive use of the internet, these are Parental Control Software, for employers who want to keep a check over their employees, these are Employee Monitoring Software and lastly, for lovers who are suspicious of their partners cheating on them, these are Spouse Monitoring Software.

So, basically Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps are a complete solution for all your needs! And as a matter of fact, you will really be surprised to know how much information can a single spy app help you gain against the intended user. These applications are literally powerful little software that help you gain complete remote access to the intended user’s phone.

So, no matter if you are willing to keep an eye on your soulmate, social media addicted teen or even your suspicious employee, Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps are all you need.

Features Offered By a Cell Phone Spying Software

Though there is no limit to what a single Cell Phone Monitoring software can offer but there are some basic features that you will find in almost all spy application. So, here are the following:

Monitoring Text Messages: You can read all messages either sent or received by the targeted user. Moreover, you can even keep a track of additional date and time stamp along with deleted messages.

Call Log Details: You can even track all incoming as well as outgoing calls along with their date and time details

Web Browser History: You can keep an eye on all most visited as well as recently visited websites along with URL’s of bookmarked websites

Location/GPS tracking: You can even track real-time location of the targeted user with 100 % accuracy

Email Monitoring: You can even read inbound and outbound emails that have either been received or sent by the suspicious user along with contact details if in case the contacts are synced with the email

Multimedia Tracking: All pictures and videos that have either been stored or recently captured by the intended user can easily be viewed remotely

Call Recording And Live Feature: You can even listen to all calls live, which are being made by the suspicious person and that too in high-quality sound. And you can even record the live calls and can replay them anytime you want
Reviews of Cellphone Spy Apps

Monitoring Of IM Chats: Spy apps give you a chance to track various instant messaging applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, LINE, etc

Phone Surrounding Recording: Surprisingly, you can even record the surrounding voices remotely without letting the targeted person know about it

Remote Access: Spy apps allow you to remotely lock the targeted cell phone, turn on or off certain features as well as block in appropriate applications

Triggers And Alerts: Using a spy application you can even set alerts on specific numbers, phrases and even Geo-fence certain locations where you don’t want either your teen or lover to visit So, now that you are well acquainted with all the features that a spy app can offer, let’s provide you with the list of the Top 10 Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps that you can buy this year in order to avail all the perks of a cell phone monitoring software.

As per honest Remote Spy App Reviews 2018, following are the top 10 spy apps you need to look for this coming year:

1. Spymaster Pro :

Spymaster Pro is the No. 1 Remote Cell Phone Spy App available in the market right now. You can use this application to track your teen, employee or even your better half.


  • It is a pocket-friendly software
  • No prerequisite like jailbreak or rooting is needed in case of iPhone and Android Phones respectively
  • No installation is needed in case of iPhone
  • 24 X 7 chat support
  • Availability of native language chat support
  • Great Refund Policy
  • 2. Flexispy :

    Flexispy is an advanced spy application that offers almost 150+ spying features that can serve all your monitoring needs.


    Flexispy’s Call Recording feature activates just after few clicks and moreover the quality of the recorded call is very high

  • Its Remote Spy Camera can simply be activated by sending a command to the targeted cell phone
  • Its Social Media Tracking features works great
  • It is one of a kind spy software that allows users to export GPS Logs
  • 24 X 7 availability of chat support
  • 3. mspy :

    mSpy is a well-known cell phone monitoring software that offers great features for employee as well as spouse monitoring needs.


  • Its keystroke log feature is unique and helps keep a track of all words or phrases typed using the mobile keyword
  • Its screenshot and screen locking feature lets the user take screenshot as well as lock screen remotely
  • Its application blocking feature works great and helps parents and lovers to block inappropriate apps on their beloved’s cell phone
  • 4. Xnspy :

    It is a great smartphone monitoring application that was specifically been designed for surveillance purpose.


  • XNSPY’s offers a user-friendly software
  • Location tracking feature works great and 100% accurate results are guaranteed
  • XNSPY has a unique watchlist feature that you can use in order to set alerts on certain words, numbers and even locations to get automatic updates
  • XNSPY is an affordable remote spy software
  • Offers both call recording and call surrounding recording feature as well as remote live screenshot feature
  • 5. Mobile Spy :

    Mobile Spy is a hybrid cell phone monitoring software that provides great features for employee as well as teen monitoring.


  • No need to pay for new updates
  • Single Subscription of Mobile Spy can let you spy on three different cell phones
  • 24 X 7 Availability of customer chat support
  • A free of cost Spinner Spy app comes along with the purchased subscription that you can use in order to spy on a desktop
  • 6. Guestspy :

    It is a highly advanced spy app available in the market which offers great mobile compatibility.
    Remote Cell Phone Spy Apps


  • Lets you keep track of your loved ones via online live panel
  • Offers unique features like automatic call answering and spy calling features
  • Also offers call recording and call surrounding recording feature
  • 7. Maxxspy :

    It is a powerful smartphone monitoring software that helps users to spy on Android Phones


  • Easy installation
  • Great Compatibility with Android Phones
  • GPS Location Tracking features works great and gives 100% accurate results
  • Offers call recording feature
  • Quick Customer Support Response
  • 8. Mobistealth :

    It is an advanced hybrid cell phone monitoring software that offers great features that help you keep track of your spouse, teen and even employees remotely.


  • Best part about this spy application is that it offers location tracking services even without GPS
  • Offers keystroke recording feature
  • Great choice for people who are willing to track web browser history of the suspicious person
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system
  • 9. Onespy :

    It is a reliable remote cell phone spying application that uses strongly encrypted techniques to spy on the desired cell phone


  • Automatic Call Recording feature
  • Offers surrounding recording feature
  • Lets you remotely turn on the front camera and microphone from miles apart
  • 10. The Truth Spy :

    It is a well-recognized cell phone spy application that works in a stealth mode and helps parents to track their internet addicted teen.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Broad set of tracking features
  • Offers BBM Tracking
  • Works in a Stealth Mode
  • So, now that you have gone through Remote Spy App Reviews 2018, it is totally your choice to choose whichever software you are most comfortable with. But we hope that the above mentioned information definitely would have helped you narrow down your search for these applications. For more specific details about each of these spy applications visit our home page.