Spy Software catching cheating partner

Is Your Partner Manipulating You? Top 10 Spy Apps to Track Your Cheating Partner!

Our impeccable human mind is the only reason why we consider ourselves superior to other living beings present on Earth. Our mind is itself a super power that has always helped us survive in all conditions. But, what we don’t know is that it can also be used to master negative traits like manipulation and mind control which psychologically harm people around us.

What is Manipulation?

Manipulation is an art where the manipulator diverts the victim from the truth and uses persuasion tricks to misdirect them into believing what they perceive is true.

Some of the Favorite weapons that are often used by Manipulators include:

  • They try to make the victim feel guilty about themselves
  • They compare the victim with others to lower down their self esteem
  • Manipulators complain about victims or blame them to make them believe that there is something wrong with them
  • They play mind games with innocent people
  • They emotionally blackmail the victim
  • They showcase themselves as helpless and needy
  • They try to misdirect the victim into believing that wrong is right or vice versa
  • So, do you feel that your partner is too manipulative?
    If the above mentioned question seems quite relatable, then there are 80 % chances that your partner may be cheating on you. Generally, manipulators use their mind games to persuade the victim from the truth, so may be your partner doesn’t want you to know that he/she is dating someone else.
    Before coming to a conclusion, you need to make sure that your partner is manipulating you for his/her benefit. And in order to do so, you need to check for the below mentioned signs that will help you identify your manipulative cheating partner.
    Track Your Cheating Partner!

    Signs That Your Partner is Manipulating You:

    1. Isolates you and restricts you from meeting your friends and parents
    2. When you try to confront them they blame you for everything and come out clean
    3. Only your partner is allowed to get angry, not you!
    4. They remind you of all the favors they have bestowed upon you to gain a leverage over the argument
    5. You are afraid of telling them the truth in the fear of being yelled at
    6. They try to put you down in public
    7. They are only good to you when they have a personal benefit to seek
    8. Whatever you like or you are good at will be portrayed as a negative trait and you will be made to feel apologetic about it
    9. All your finances is handled by them
    10.They don’t trust you when you are around an opposite gender
    11.They always try to violate your privacy, but when you do the same, you are considered irrational
    12.You are not allowed to touch their personal belongings
    13.Never care about your interests and hobbies, in short all your likes and dislikes are always ignored
    14.They love to make you dependent as they enjoy the fact that you rely on them for all your needs
    15.When it comes to setting rules in relationship, they have double standards
    16.No matter what you do, you are always wrong
    17.You always have to manage your time keeping in mind their schedule, not yours
    If the above signs are something that you come across on a daily basis then it is time for quick action because your partner may only be using for money or some other needs. It is observed that cheaters are masters in the art of manipulation. So, don’t wait for situation to worsen, collect evidences against them.
    So, now the question arises that how to get solid proof against your manipulative cheating partner?
    Ask yourself a question first, what could a modern cheating partner can use to cheat over you?
    The answer is, probably a smart phone.
    So, now ask yourself a second question, what do you need in order to keep a track of their cell phone activities? The answer is probably a Cell Phone Spying Software.

    What is a Cell Phone Spying Software?

    A cell phone spying software is a mobile application that once installed on the partner’s cell phone helps you remotely track their complete smart phone usage.
    A mobile spy software offers the tracking of the following:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Sent and received messages
  • Gps location
  • Instant messaging applications
  • Multimedia files
  • Web browsing history
  • Social networking applications
  • Installed mobile applications
  • Is Your Partner Manipulating You_
    So, now you must be wondering, which mobile spy software is best suitable for you?Don’t worry, as we have already shortlisted the top 10 spy apps for you. Here is the list:-

    1. Spymaster Pro :

    Spymaster Pro is the Best Mobile Spy Software that offers great spying features serving all employee, parental, and spouse monitoring needs.


  • The software is compatible with both iOS (9-11.2) and Android (4.4-8) Operating system
  • Availability of 24 x 7 multi-lingual chat support
  • Works in a hidden mode
  • Inexpensive in comparison to other spying software available in market
  • Availability of great offers every festive season
  • No jailbreak needed in case of iPhone
  • Available in both basic and premium subscriptions
  • Tracks IM chats, call logs, text messages, emails, phone book, calendar, web browser history, GPS Location
  • Installation in case of Android Phone hardly takes 2-5 minutes
  • Great refund policy and a good user interface
  • 2. Mspy :

    mSpy is a great choice when looking for a smart phone spying software that offers you complete remote access to your partner’s cell phone and even their desktop.


  • It offers a unique keylogger feature where each keystroke typed on the keyboard is recorded and stored on keystroke logs
  • Great refund policy and a good user interface
  • MSPY’s screenshot feature helps you sends automatic screenshot alerts of all your partner’s cell phone activity
  • Using this smart phone spying software, you can get automatic screenshot updates about your partner’s smart phone usage
  • It even helps you remotely lock screen from miles away
  • It lets you block dating and other inappropriate applications that you don’t find suitable for their use
  • 3. Flexispy :

    FlexiSpy is undoubtedly an old name in the spy industry because it has been serving people from all over the world from a long time. The best part about their product is that it has an easy-to-use online control panel that lets you track your partner’s every single activity.


  • nstalling FlexiSpy on the targeted cell phone is quite easy
  • Customer assistance is great, no queries goes unattended
  • Self-explanatory online dashboard
  • It offers live call recording feature and all recorded calls are of great quality
  • It lets you turn on the remote spy cam with a single remote command
  • 4. Xnspy :

    XNSPY is a big name in the spy industry as it has specifically been designed in order to monitor teens, employees, and cheating partners.


  • It has a user-friendly online interface
  • Its location tracking feature works great and gives 100% accurate results
  • You can check frequently typed words, called numbers or even routed locations can be watch-listed using XNSPY
  • It is an affordable smart phone spying software which offers 30+ features at an low price with basic features at $8.33/month and premium features at $12.49/month
  • No jailbreak needed in case of iPhone
  • App blocker feature has made child monitoring easier for parents
  • You can even remotely erase data from the targeted cell phone
  • Its Live screenshot feature keeps you updated with your loved one’s activity
  • 5. The truth spy :

    TheTruthSpy is a well recognized spyware that operates in hidden mode and helps in remote supervision of all smart phone activities. It is a great product for all your monitoring needs.
    Top 10 Spy Apps to Track Your Cheating Partner


    6. Mobilespy :

    Mobilespy is a great Cell Phone Monitoring App that empowers you to monitor your partner’s every single online activity remotely. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.


  • You don’t have to pay for any update if under subscription period
  • With one subscription, you can enjoy the perks of spying features in almost 3 different devices
  • 24 X 7 availability Online Chat Support
  • SpinerSpy App comes free along with its purchase
  • 7. Mobistealth :

    It is an advanced spyware that enables you to monitor cell phone activities remotely. It was created keeping in mind the surveillance needs of parents and employers.


  • It provides you a privilege of tracking your partner’s location even without GPS
  • Its keystroke recording feature helps track profanity and other inappropriate words signaling wrong deeds
  • It offers tracking features for Mac as well as Windows operating system
  • 8. Guestspy :

    Guestspy is a highly efficient mobile phone monitoring software that helps you keep a track of your near and dear ones anytime and from anywhere.


  • GuestSpy’s offers a unique feature where you can record surrounding noises by remotely turning on the microphone
  • Its online live panel gives you full privilege to get a sneak peek of your lover’s online phone activities
  • Another unique feature is its auto answering feature that no other cell phone monitoring software offers
  • 9. Onespy :

    Onespy is the most reliable spyware available in the market right now, as it has a decent record of satisfied customers. This software helps you take full control over partner’s smart phone remotely.


  • Chat support is available so your queries won’t be left unattended
  • All incoming and outgoing calls are automatically saved to your online account
  • It also offers surrounding recording feature which you can use to hear all the surrounding voices
  • Using Onespy, you can remotely turn on the front camera to get instant screenshot updates that are automatically updated to your online account
  • 10. Maxxspy :

    Maxxspy is a powerful cell phone monitoring software that helps the user keep track of their friends and family from miles apart. It was specifically been made for supervision purpose, in simple words, it helps users to keep a trail of their children, employees, and loved ones remotely.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Easy Installation