Use These Spy Software in order To Track Employee's Activity

Track Your Employees’ Misconduct at Workplace Using Mobile Spy Software!

Every employee plays a vital role in contributing towards the growth of the company. Employees are intelligent enough to understand how to maintain an ethical environment in the work place. But, what if that employee is found misbehaving at the workplace? Well, in that it comes under the act of misconduct.

Types of Employee Misconduct

Discrimination: Differentiating other employees on the basis of color, race or gender is highly unacceptable and no employee has a right to do so.
Bully or Harassment: Bullying or harassing other employees who are innocent or are at a lower designation, comes under Employee Misconduct.
Theft: Obviously, stealing money is considered as theft, but there are other kinds of theft like:
Secretly setting up side by side business within the workplace itself
Using company’s resources for personal use
Taking company’s supplies home
Romantic Relationships: Relationships at workplace often make employees biased and as a result they favor their partners even if they are wrong.
Insubordination: Refusing to obey orders is referred to as insubordination and it also includes the following:

  • Being late to the office
  • Misbehaving with supervisors
  • Taking leave without informing
  • Exceeding lunch breaks
  • Using offensive language
  • Breaching Confidentiality: Selling valuable information of the company is highly unethical and illegal.
    Damage to Property: Certain employees consider company’s possessions as free and that is why they unnecessarily misuse it.

    Employee Misconduct Survey

    According to a survey conducted in the U.S by National Business Ethics, these were the following results:

  • Due to high rise in Employee Misconduct, ethic training in companies rose from 74 % to 81% and from 2011 to 2013
  • 60 % of the misconduct created in a workplace is generally by someone at managerial level
  • 18 % of employees used offensive words.
  • 17 % of employees were caught lying in workplace.
  • Discrimination ratio within workplace rose to 12 %.
  • 7 % employees were found sexually harassing other employees.
  • When employees reported about misconduct at workplace, 20 % has to face retaliation in return.
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    How to Stop Employee Misconduct At Workplace?

    Employee Misconduct at workplace can only be stopped when you have proof that your employee was involved in unethical behavior. And in order to get proof against them, you need to track down their activities yourself.
    Sometimes, cameras aren’t enough to monitor your employees. As a concern employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your office environment is ethical. You can track your employee’s each and every activity using a spy software.

    How is Spy Software Helpful in Tracking Employees?

    Mobile Phones are confidential gadgets that employees use, so tracing them can help you get a glance of their office activities. A Spy software helps you get into their mobile phones without their knowledge.
    With technology getting smart, Employees are getting smarter. They know how to escape getting caught. So, the only solution left is to monitor them wisely.

    Be 10 Steps Ahead of Them And Use Spy Software To Monitor Your Employees.

    Common Features Offered By Spy Software

  • Tracks all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Keeps track of all messages that are sent and received
  • All Instant Messaging apps including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can be tracked with the help of Spy Software
  • Tracks all images and videos saved on the targeted phone.
  • Web browser history tracking
  • Access to whole phonebook and even Calendar
  • List of Best Spy Software

    There are various spy apps available in the market right now and some of the best spying applications are enlisted below as follows:
    1.Spymaster Pro
    5.Mobile Spy
    6.Highster Mobile
    Though, there are many other mobile spying spyware available online, but these are some that we would like to recommend keeping in mind both expense and features they provide.