5 Tips before buying a Spy App

5 Tips before buying a Spy App

Ever since the late ’90s, technology has only grown in size as well as in scope. In a way, you can say that smartphones rule the planet and almost every person has at least one. Nowadays, even toddlers are surfing sites like YouTube.

Living in such a reality can often get you anxious. You may be worried about who your kids are communicating with or what kind of activities they do when you are in your office. The same technology that connects also creates barriers and distractions.

Youngsters are the most susceptible to these side effects of technology as they are the most curious users. But even adults are not far behind? They start acting callous and cheat on their partners. There could be so many legitimate reasons to buy cell phone spy software.

5 Tips before you buy a Spy App

Buying a spy app becomes a very important decision as you invest not just your money but your valuable time too. Things get pretty stressful for you to use the last step measure such as a spy app on your loved one and you need it to be a smooth operation.

Let’s go through 5 important tips to keep in mind before you choose a Spy App that works for you

1. Invisible Mode

One of the topmost reasons people use a spy app is that it is not visible on the target phone and doesn’t alert the target user of his activities being spied upon. So, this feature should be the first thing you should do while deciding which mobile spy software to buy for your needs.

This ‘Stealth mode’ becomes necessary to work and is not showing on the mobile home screen you are spying on. This will allow the spy app to work on the target’s mobile without the owner of the mobile realizing that he is being spied on.

2. Compatibility

There are many spy apps in the market for all your spying needs but what becomes one of the most essential features of a spy app is its compatibility. Most of the spy apps are compatible with the latest Android Phone and iOS. You need to select the spy software that works perfectly on your device.

3. After Installation Service

While every monitoring software promises to be the best spy app for iPhone and Android in their claims does their execution follows after you bought their software? Here is where the after-installation service of a company kicks in and really matters in the long run.

Many companies only provide service till your purchase and are just there to make money. This can be a big problem as sometimes you may get a little confused while using the spy app and you may need customer support from the company. A good after-sales service will come in handy.

4. Website of the Company

Even the smallest of businesses in this day and age have a website to promote their business outside their local customers. Thus, you need a good look at the website of the company that is promoting the spy app you are looking into.

The website you are looking for must give a professional look and should have all the necessary information, like contact information, product information, FAQs, etc. It should have been recently updated with product details, upgrades, etc.

5. Cost-Effective

Another important aspect of buying a cell phone spy software is how cost-effective the spy app is for you overall. You need to keep in mind your budget before you decide to buy the spy app. You can check the features you need and if the app suits your budget. This will allow you to make the most cost-effective choice.

3 Best Spy Apps

The mobile monitoring market is filled with plenty of spy apps and all of them make tall claims to somehow coax you into buying their product. Though it’s important to differentiate the best from the herd that is full of only promises but offers little in terms of results. Let’s go at the best three of these spy apps in the market:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is one of the leading mobile spy software companies certified by technical experts and satisfied customers on review sites. It is quite affordable and is compatible with the latest versions of both Android and iOS.

It has 24*7 customer care in multiple languages. It works in stealth mode and the target user never realizes the phone is being spied on. It is also quite affordable at a starting price of 5.99$ per month.

2. mSpy

It is a popular cell phone monitoring software for Android and iOS. It has a good range of features but requires rooting for iOS. It is costly at the starting price of 6.99$ per month.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is a well-known cell phone monitoring software for Android and iOS. All of its features don’t work in iOS as claimed. It is also expensive at the starting price of 29.99$ per month.