Which App Helps to Monitor Google Hangouts Calls and Messages?

People these days, especially kids and teens, are constantly glued to their smartphones. As a parent or a spouse, we usually come to think they may be using their smartphone’s calling and texting feature. Or they may be using popular social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. They may also be using various streaming platforms available out there.

But one thing most of us always fail to notice is that there are numerous applications out there that can serve the same purpose. Also, with these, the parents or spouse may have no idea about the things one does online. One such application that your kid may use to contact strangers or spouse may use to cheat on you is Google Hangouts.

Therefore, whenever you look for a way to spy on the latest Android phone, make sure that your method lets you monitor Google Hangouts on the phone, as well. If you are wondering (you probably are!) how to do so, you are in luck for today. You can read ahead to find out which is the best app you can use to monitor anyone’s Google Hangouts calls and messages.

The Need to Monitor Google Hangouts Calls and Messages

Usually, almost all children tend to tell their parents everything. However, once they grow up, it may not be easy to do so. They may not be comfortable sharing things with them, or there may arise a situation when they want to share things but are afraid of doing so. Let us say that someone is contacting them via Google Hangouts and harassing them.

In such a scenario, the only way to put your kid out of the misery of harassment is by finding out the cause of their worry. Parents can do this when they find a way to monitor Google Hangouts. Once they do so, parents can easily find out about the bully and thereby keep their kids out of harm’s way online. And the best part is – you can do all this remotely and in hidden mode with the right method.

Another reason that may make you want to monitor Google Hangouts’ texts and calls of a person is to catch a cheating spouse. With the rapid increase in infidelity rates over time, it is clear that cheaters have numerous tricks up their sleeves to stay hidden and continue with the cheating. Honestly, who would think that rather than using the popular apps to chat, they would use Google Hangouts!

Most partners assume that such an application is more of an official application rather than personal. Therefore, they would never think that their spouse is using it to contact the other person in the relationship. Therefore, if you think your spouse is cheating on you, do not leave out any application – even something like Google Hangouts or even their plain-old text messages.

How to Monitor Google Hangouts Calls and Messages?

Apart from the reasons to spy on Hangouts above, there are several others that may make you want to do so. But the real question here in the minds of many is – how to monitor Google Hangouts calls and messages? Also, many are curious about the best app they can use to do so. Therefore, without making you wait any longer, let us tell you all about it.

Google Hangouts monitoring allows anyone to keep a tab on the detailed messaging and calls made through it by a particular person. All of this data is a great source of a lot of information about who the persons talking to there are and what their conversations are about. Getting your hands on all this information is pretty simple – you can monitor Google Hangouts using a cell phone spy app.

Before we tell you about the best app to do so and you start looking for spy software reviews for confirmation, let us tell you how you can do so. Have a look:

Steps to Monitor Google Hangouts Calls and Messages Remotely

Step 1

Firstly, you have to select the best spy app that offers Google Hangouts tracking. Below in the post, you will find our top 3 picks for the same.

Step 2

Once you settle on a spy app, choose the subscription of your choice and purchase this cell phone monitoring app.

Step 3

Once you purchase the best spy app to monitor Google Hangouts, make sure to follow all the instructions given by their team and complete the installation process.

Step 4

After all the above things are sorted, get ready to start tracking Google Hangouts messages and calls using the spy app control panel in your device.

The Best Spy Apps to Monitor Google Hangouts Calls and Messages Secretly

The steps to use a cell phone spy app are simple, aren’t they? Now, let us look at the best cell phone spy apps you can use to monitor Google Hangouts calls and messages remotely and in 100% hidden mode. Keep reading!

Spymaster Pro


Spymaster Pro works perfectly well with all iOS and Android phone models out there.

Our top pick for the apps that can let you monitor Google Hangouts calls and messages is Spymaster Pro. You can readily find out Spymaster Pro reviews online. Apart from Google Hangouts tracking, this cell phone monitoring software also comes with these features:

Spymaster Pro Features:

  • You can use it for WhatsApp tracking.
  • It also offers call log tracking and GPS tracking.
  • The Snapchat spy feature of the app also lets you view disappearing messages.
  • You can also use the multimedia tracking feature.
  • The spy app offers Viber tracking, Facebook tracking, Instagram tracking, and almost all other social media monitoring features.
  • You can carry out text message tracking and phone book tracking using it.
  • Among numerous other features offered by Spymaster Pro, web browser history and email Tracking are also possible.

Why Do We Like It as the #1 Spy App to Monitor Google Hangouts?

  • It has a low-cost subscription
  • With it, you can spy on Android without root.
  • Spymaster Pro offers no installation and no jailbreak for iPhone.
  • You can come across various festive season discounts.
  • There is 24 X 7 chat support along with native language support
  • They have a super-simple refund policy.
  • The application is super simple and safe to use.

Spymaster Pro is, however, not compatible with Windows and Blackberry models.


The next app you can use to monitor Google Hangouts is Guestspy. It also works well with iOS and Android. Also, it offers many other features like SMS tracking and GPS tracking. However, their online chat facility is unavailable, and there is no voice call interception.


Our third and last suggestion for the app you can use to monitor Google Hangouts is Flexispy. It again is compatible with both OS – Android and iOS. Along with Hangouts tracking, it also offers live call recording, SMS alerts, Facebook tracking, and a lot more. While all of this is great, this software is a little heavy and may take longer to install on the target phone.


So, these are the apps you can use to monitor Google Hangouts messages and calls. Before you decide to use any of these apps, make sure to check out their reviews with us, take note of all the pros and cons and then make a final choice. Good luck!