Best Apps to Access Someone’s Call History Without the Target Phone

Are you looking for a way to access someone’s call history? Is doing so important for you? If you are here, it probably is. And why not? A person’s call history can tell you a lot about them. It is a goldmine of a lot of information, especially if you are doubting that person or want to keep them safe. If you manage to access it, you can find data about each and every person they speak to using their cell phone. 

This data not just includes the name of the people but also the date and time of the call, the length of the conversation, contact details, and a lot more. But is it that simple to access someone’s call history? With smartphones that come with a number of security locks, it seems quite difficult. Also, what if the person deletes the call logs?

In this post today, you will find answers to all this and the best apps to access someone’s call history. Let us get started.

Why Should You Access Someone’s Call History? 

While it is not ideal for everyone to access someone’s call history, certain people may benefit from it, especially parents, spouses, and employers. With these details, employers can know whether their workforce is still loyal to them. Parents can keep their children and teens safe from the wrong crowd, and spouses can find out if their husband or wife is faithful or not.

Apart from this, there are many other legitimate reasons that may make you want to access someone’s call history. If your reason is genuine, you just need to have cell phone monitoring software at your disposal to make this possible. Yes, you read that right. Let us introduce you to the best ones for it: 

Our Top Pick to Check Someone’s Call History Without the Target Phone

With cell phone monitoring software, you can readily track someone’s call log on an iPhone or the iPad. The same is also true for all types of Android phones. Now, with so many choices available online, the most common question is – how can you choose the best spy app? We understand your dilemma. Due to this, we have come up with our best picks for you. Let have a look at the same: 

Spymaster Pro

Let us start with the best. For all those who want to spy on someone’s call log, we always suggest Spymaster Pro. It is our #1 pick. This cell phone spy software is not only reliable but also a safe bet. Along with this, it offers fuss-free usage. All in all, with this single cell phone monitoring software, you can monitor not only someone’s call logs but also all the activities that happen on a cell phone. This top-rated application is reasonably priced and will provide you with all the features that your ideal spy app must-have. Moreover, it is compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms.


  • User friendly
  • 24 X 7 chat support
  • Native language support
  • Self-explanatory control panel
  • Within your means
  • No installation, no jailbreak for iPhone
  • Excellent features


The next cell phone spy app you can use to spy on someone’s call log is FlexiSPY. Along with this feature and 24 X 7 Customer Support, this spying software will also offer you different other features that you may need along the way. 


  • Live call recording
  • Remote spy camera
  • 24 X 7 Customer Support
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Message commands


  • Longer installation period 
  • No geofencing feature
  • Cannot monitor some crucial social media apps
  • Difficult to use

Spy stealth

In our list of apps that can help you access someone’s call history, the next one is Spystealth. With this cell phone spy app, you can not only spy on call logs without the target phone but do a lot more like KakaoTalk and Badoo.


  • Features reasonably priced
  • A single subscription lets you use it on five different cell phones.
  • Great chat support


  • It does not work for all operating systems
  • Some Features are not up to date.


Along with the apps above, you can also give this spy app a try. This last cell phone monitoring software on our list can quickly help you track someone’s call log both on iPhone or Android. You must also know that it is specially designed for those individuals who are keen on keeping their kids and teenagers safe online. This application also comes with numerous other useful features that you can use for the same.


  • 100% accurate location tracking feature
  • Watchlist feature
  • Self-explanatory control panel
  • Pocket-friendly subscription
  • No jailbreak needed for some iOS versions
  • App blocker works smoothly.
  • Excellent call and surrounding recording feature
  • Live screenshot feature


  • Claims about Live Chat available 24 X 7 false
  • Jailbreak is needed in the case of iOS devices with versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x.
  • Compatible only with Android and most iOS mobile phones

Some Other Apps to Check Someone’s Call History Without the Target Phone

The list of the apps that can help you check someone’s call history without the target does not end here. Apart from all the cell phone spy apps that we have included above, you can also use mSpy, The Truth Spy, Spyzie, etc. While all these are good, they lack some of the other functionality. 

As for mSpy, while it may be a good one, it is super-pricey. You can get certain good apps below mSpy’s price. For instance, Spymaster Pro is one of them. You can also check Spymaster Pro reviews with us. We also offer honest reviews for almost every other spy app. Check them out before making a decision.


We are confident that after reading this, you can easily find the best app to access someone’s call history. Our suggestion is Spymaster Pro, but we leave it up to you to make a final choice.