Best Spy App for iPhone Without Jailbreak 2021

It is no secret that cell phone spy apps help you spy on any iPhone without much effort. You can find numerous such applications online today. However, a common problem with the use of spy apps is that most of them need you to jailbreak the target iPhone to work properly. Now, this can be an issue, especially for parents who want to safeguard their kids online, as jailbreaking an iPhone can put it at a lot of risks.

In such a case, the ultimate solution is to look for the best spy app for iPhone without Jailbreak. However, does such a spy app actually exist? Is it really possible to spy on iPhone without Jailbreak? Well, the answer is yes. In this article, we look at how you can do so with the help of the best spy app for iPhone 2021. Let us get started.

Can You Really Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

One needs to jailbreak an iPhone in order to install any third-party app on it. Earlier, the case with cell phone spy apps was the same. However, with the advancement in technological trends, you can now find surveillance applications that can help you monitor an iPhone without Jailbreak. 

In fact, an ideal spy app also allows you to do so without installing the software. Thus, if you wish to spy on iPhone without Jailbreak, you need to look for the best spy app that offers this feature.

What to Look for In the Best iPhone Spy Software?

  • It must be compatible with the target iPhone and offer a no-installation and no-jailbreak solution.
  • The best iPhone spy software must be easy to use.
  • It should let you spy on any iPhone remotely and in 100% hidden mode.
  • An ideal iPhone spy app must come with the best and the most powerful spy features.
  • It must offer responsive and 24/7 customer support.
  • Lastly, it must be affordable.

Spymaster Pro – The Best Spy App for iPhone Without Jailbreak

The best spy app for iPhone without Jailbreak that you can ever find is Spymaster Pro. This coveted and top-rated spy application is available globally and offers a no-installation and no-jailbreak solution for iPhone. With all the spy features that come with this application, it is sure to fulfill all your monitoring needs. 

From WhatsApp tracking and location tracking to social media monitoring and call recording, you can do a lot using this iPhone spy app. Therefore, be it a parental control app, employee monitoring software, or a cheating wife tracker, this cell phone monitoring software can act as all.

Spymaster Pro is 100% reliable and super-safe to use. If you are unsure about the reliability and the safety of this application, you can go through Spymaster Pro reviews online. The spy app further works in stealth mode. So, the target user would never be able to find out that you are using it to spy on their iPhone.

Currently, this high-tech application is compatible with all the versions of iOS ranging from 4.4 to 14. Along with it, Spymaster Pro is also available for all types of Android phones. You can use it to spy on Android 11 remotely, as well. 

How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak Using Spymaster Pro?

Since Spymaster Pro lets you spy on an iPhone without Jailbreak and installation, you only need the target user’s iCloud credentials to get started. Thus, the prerequisites to use this best spy app for iPhone without Jailbreak are:

  • Spymaster Pro iPhone spy app
  • iCloud credentials of the target iPhone (Apple ID and Password)
  • A stable internet connection.

Once you have all this handy, simply refer to the following video and Spy on iPhone without Jailbreak:

Top-Rated Spymaster Pro iOS Features

With this spy app, you can do the following:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Call logs tracking
  • GPS location tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Phone tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • Sensitive information alert
  • Installed app tracking
  • Multimedia tracking, and a lot more.

Other Apps You Can Use to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak.

While Spymaster Pro is the best spy app for iPhone without Jailbreak as per us, here are some other applications that you can consider:

  • Mobilespy
  • FlexiSPY
  • mSpy
  • Maxxspy
  • Flexispy
  • Onespy
  • Truth Spy
  • Mobilestealth


Spymaster Pro is undoubtedly the best spy app for iPhone without Jailbreak. Not only it offers remote installation, but it is also safe, reliable, and works in 100% hidden mode. To know more about this iPhone monitoring application and the others mentioned above, you can check out our honest spy app reviews. Once you know about what these applications have to offer, consider your budget and monitoring need to choose the best iPhone spy software for you.

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