Best Spy Call Recorder App for Android

The availability of cell phones is one of the biggest and the most innovative results of technical progress. There isn’t any doubt about the fact that mobile phones have become an absolute necessity for us. From kids to adults, everyone has a virtual life that they live on their cell phone. Though this technological growth has facilitated humans to a great extent, it has also brought along various potential threats.

As a result, spying on cell phones seems like the only solution. In the past, spying was considered a malicious and unethical task. The number of hacking scandals that occurred due to it explains the same. However, with the evolvement of cell phone monitoring software technology, spying is now seen in a new light.

Instead of using it to scam others, parents and spouses all over the world are relying on it for the purpose of online safety for children and catch a cheating spouse. Be it to know who your kid is talking to or to find out if your spouse is cheating; phone calls play a major role. While there are many spy apps out there that can let you monitor call logs, only a few applications work as a spy call recorder app.

If you need the best spy recorder app for Android, you are in luck today. We are about to introduce you to some of the top-rated Android phone spy software available in the market. Let us get started.

Android Spy Call Recorder App – Our Top 5 Picks

1. Spymaster Pro

Our #1 pick for the best spy call recorder app is Spymaster Pro. This top-rated and reliable cell phone monitoring software is not just a spy recorder app but will also fulfill all your other monitoring needs. It is available globally, and along with call recording, it lets you carry out social media monitoring, location tracking, view recently deleted texts, get sensitive information alerts, etc.

Be it a smart parental control app, employee monitoring software, or a cheating wife tracker, Spymaster Pro can function as all. It is 100% safe and secure to use. Also, the ease of operating it is what most people love about it. 

Along with offering a high-quality performance to all its users worldwide, this coveted application also works remotely and in a hidden mode. So, using it, you can not only monitor your kids secretly but also catch a cheater red-handed. As an Android phone spy software, this spy app offers Android spy without root. Also, installing it to the target phone does not take more than 4-5 minutes.

The Spymaster Pro app does not drain the battery of the target phone. Apart from being compatible with all the Android versions, it is also compatible with all iPhones. Also, you can use it to spy on iPhone without jailbreak and installation.

How to Record Calls with Spymaster Pro?

The Spymaster Pro spy call recorder app lets you spy on Android without root. To use this, you simply have to get the Android spy software from the Spymaster Pro official website. After this, follow their Android installation guide to install the spy app on the target phone in 4-5 minutes. Then, you have to log in to your Spymaster Pro account on your device.

This will take you to the dashboard of the spy app. It is self-explanatory and easy to use. Here, you will be able to record phone calls and listen to them. The data from all other Spymaster Pro features will also be available on this dashboard. To understand how to use this best cell phone spyware for an Android phone, you can refer to the following video:

Now lets talk about other 4 Spy Call Recorder Apps for Android:

2. MobileSPY

MobileSpy is the next best spy call recorder app on our list. Using it, you can monitor your children and employees remotely. This spy recorder app is further compatible with iPhone and Blackberry phones as well. However, all features do not work for every OS.

3. The Truth Spy

The third spy call recorder app on our list is Truth Spy. Apart from being a spy recorder app, it is also known among the best WhatsApp tracking software. However, its installation process may disappoint you. The spy app takes too long to be installed on the target phone.


XNSPY is another spy call recorder app that you can use to keep your kids and family safe. This surveillance app comes with many other spy features. However, if you ever find a need to use XNSPY’s online support, it is not available 24/7.

5. mSpy

The fifth and the last spy call recorder app that we have for you is mSpy. This Android phone spy software is quite good. However, it is on the pricy side. Therefore, if you are on a budget, mSpy is not for you.


So, this is our best spy call recorder app list. You can use any application that you like out of these. However, we would definitely suggest Spymaster Pro. If you want to learn more about this spy recorder app, you can check out Spymaster Pro reviews. We also offer various other spy app reviews. Make sure to go through all of them before making a final choice.