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Flexispy is a spy app FlexiSPY is an advanced Cell Phone Monitoring Software that offers about 150 mobile features which include everything that you expect from an ideal phone spying application. The sole purpose to create this application was to provide a smart and reliable solution for parental as well as employee monitoring needs. Here are the In-Depth Reviews of this leading spyware.

Some Great Features of Flexispy

1. Flexispy Monitors Call logs

Live Call: You can listen to all live calls made to targeted mobile
Call Recording: Record all incoming and outgoing calls
Call Log: Track call history details with name, number, date and time
VOIP Call Recording: All calls made by Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can be recorded using FlexiSPY
Phone Surrounding: All the surrounding noises can be recorded and listened remotely
Facetime Camera Monitoring: All Facetime calls made to or from the targeted cell phone can be traced easily
Skype Call Recording: Record both audio and video calls made via Skype

2. Flexispy Traces Incoming and Outgoing Messages

Sms: Check all text messages exchanged through the targeted cell phone
Mms: Get access to all MMS messages along with contact number and name
Fake Message Generation: Send fake messages to suspicious people on your loved one’s contact list
Message Deletion: Remotely delete messages from your child’s phone
Emails: You can read all sent and received emails with all details of attachments sent along with it

3. Flexispy Tracks Gps Location

Gps Location: Keep a track of locations visited by your near and dear ones by tracking their GPS Location

4. Flexispy Traces Instant Messaging Conversations

Whatsapp: Trace all Whatsapp conversations with full access to audio files, images, emojis sent or received by your teen
LINE: Pictures, videos and audio clips sent via LINE can be remotely tracked along with the contact name and profile picture of the sender
Instagram: Get access to all Instagram conversations via your FlexiSPY account
Facebook along with Messenger: Messages, files, stickers, and images sent via Facebook can be traced completely
Skype: Skype chats, calls, status and even emoticons can be viewed remotely
iMessages: Remotely read iMessages, pictures, videos and emojis sent by the targeted iPhone user
Hike: All Hike messages can be accessed by your FlexiSpy account
Blackberry PIN: Get access to Blackberry PIN Messages accompanied by names of people involved in the conversation
Viber: Flexispy offers Viber tracking which includes complete access to contacts, photos, videos, locations and even emoticons
WeChat: From One-on-One messages to group conversations, FlexiSPY gives you complete access to all WeChat conversations
BBM: Trace all BBM Messages along with status and group chat details
QQ: Get notified about all QQ conversations using FlexiSPY dashboard
Telegram: All sent and received Telegram messages can be tracked with the help of FlexiSPY online account
Tinder: Get informed about Tinder activities
Yahoo Messenger: Trace all yahoo messenger chat details along with full access to attached pictures and videos
Hangouts: Capture all Hangout chat conversations remotely
KIK: Track all chat attachments of KIK messenger which are up to a size of 5MB
Reviews of Flexispy App

5. Flexispy Gives Access to Multimedia Files

Videos: All videos stored on the targeted cell phone with M4V, 3GP, XPS, EPS, SWF, WMV, EMF, EMF+, EMZ, WMF, PDF, SVG, ASF, 3G2, CGM, ODG, AVI, MP4 formats can be tracked remotely
Audios: Get access to all audio files with MP3, RA, BWF, AIFF, AU, eAAC+, QCP, AMR, WMA, MIDI, AAC, AMR_WM, AAC+, PCM, WAV formats
Images: Remotely view all images received or clicked by the suspicious person with GIF, ECW, JPEG, PNG, PBM, EXIF, RAW, TIFF, PGM, PNM, BMP, PPM formats

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6. Flexispy Provides Remote Access

Live Pictures & Videos: You can remotely capture images and record videos with the help of remote spy camera
Remote Restart: You can secretly restart the targeted cell phone
Battery Status: Get notified about battery details including usage and battery status
SMS Command: You can send text messages to the targeted cell phone to turn on or off certain features remotely
Mobile Viewer App: For those who are not willing to use FlexiSPY dashboard can use free mobile viewer application and get complete access from their cell phones

7. Flexispy Keeps a Track of Internet Activity

Browser History: Get access to complete web browsing history of your child or loved one
Bookmarks:View all bookmarks saved on the web browser

8. Flexispy Traces Applications

Screenshot: Get screenshot of all cell phone activities throughout the day
Calendar: Get complete access to scheduled birthdays, meetings and important dates that saved on calendar
Notes: View all notes composed by the one you wish to spy
Application Activity: Remotely access information regarding installed software including application name, installation date, and version
Address Book: Any new addition made to the contact list will no more be hidden from you

9. Flexispy Helps You Set Alerts

Change in Sim Card: You will be automatically notified whenever a sim is changed
Particular Contacts: Receive alerts on specific contacts you are suspicious about
Specific Alerts: Set alerts on particular location or keywords that you either don’t want your child to go or use respectively

10. Flexispy Lets You Secretly Spy on Targeted Cell Phone

Jail Break: You can hide traces of jailbreak traces from the iPhone you wish to spy
Rooting: You can even hide rooting details from the targeted Android Phone
Hide Icon: You can hide FlexiSPY icon from the iPhone and Android App List

11. Flexispy Saves Keystroke History

Keystroke: Capture recent keystroke history using FlexiSPY application
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Merits And Demerits As Per Flexispy Reviews


  • The Live Call Recording feature works great and activates after few clicks
  • All the Recorded Calls are of great sound quality
  • You can use Remote Spy Camera by simply sending message commands to the targeted phone
  • FlexiSPY is a great choice for tracking activities of instant messaging applications
  • It is the only Cell Phone Spying Software that allows exporting of GPS logs
  • 24 X 7 availability of Customer Support


  • In terms of installation, FlexiSPY is a heavy software and takes almost 8 minutes to get installed
  • No monitoring feature for Facetime, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Geo-fencing feature isn’t available

Pricing and Plans

Premium edition
Monthly: $68
Quarterly: $99
Yearly: $149

Extreme edition

Quarterly: $199
Yearly: $349

What’s Our Verdict?

We have already discussed the merits and demerits of using FlexiSPY so now it is totally your choice whether you want to use this software or not. We hope that these Reviews of Flexispy help you come to a conclusion