Guestspy Reviews

GuestSpy is a highly advanced smartphone monitoring software which offers great spying features. So, if you are worried about your teens or employees cell phone usage then you need to install this application on the compatible smartphone you wish to spy. This application will not only help you keep a trail of your family’s online activities but also their GPS locations that can help you trace them anytime and from anywhere. Here is the detailed review of GuestSpy app.

Some Great Features Of Guestspy

1 Guestspy provides sms/text message tracking

Message content: Read full content of messages sent and received by the targeted user
Message details: Get contact details of both sender and message recipient
Time span: Get date and time stamp information about each text message exchanged via the targeted cell phone

2 Guestspy Keeps a Track of Call Logs

Calling details: Get contact names and numbers of all callers present on the call log along with missed call details
Call duration: Get access to detailed information like for how long the call was made to or from the suspicious person along with date stamp information

3 Guestspy secretly records calls via its hidden call recorder

Call recording: You can record all incoming as well as outgoing calls made by the intended user. Using GuestSpy you can turn on call recording for some specific numbers and get constant updates on your online account

4 Guestspy live phone surrounding recording

Record surrounding: Listen to all live surrounding noises from miles away by simply logging into your online GuestSpy dashboard
Command Activation: You can enjoy the perks of live recording feature by simply sending text messages to the respective smartphone you wish to spy

5 Guestspy provides gps tracking services

Location: Get access to the GPS log of the targeted user you wish to spy along with latitude, longitude, time and date stamps of the place visited
Geo updation: Keep a trail of your loved one’s whereabouts by checking their location history details that are automatically uploaded to your online account every time they visit a new place

6 Guestspy monitors instant messaging applications

Whatsapp: Access all Whatsapp conversations with additional details like profile name and number, time and date when chat took place, pictures, videos, and audio files exchanged by your teen or family member
Skype: Supervise all Skype chat conversations with date and time details along with contact details, pictures, videos and audio files exchanged via the targeted cell phone
Snapchat: Keep an eye on targeted phone’s Snapchat messages and get access to name and numbers of senders and recipients accompanied with date and time details
Viber: Monitor all the Viber chat conversations along with images and videos exchanged to it
Line: Check all pictures,audios and videos sent via the LINE messenger app with additional date and time information about each conversation
Hangouts: Spy on all chat conversations exchanged via Hangout
Kik: Administer all conversations made via the KIK instant messaging application including name, number, date and time information of exchanged messages
Bbm: Get detailed information about BBM messages, images, videos and audios exchanged by the Blackberry user you wish to spy
Facebook: Remotely read Facebook messages, images, audios and videos exchanged using the targeted cell phone

7 Guestspy tracks internet browsing history

Web browser history: Check all the visited URLs and track their internet browser history
Url additional detail: You can not only track date and time detail of the visited website but also can check the number of times that website is visited by the suspicious person

8 Guestspy traces phone book

Phone book entries: You can remotely get access to all the entries saved on the respective smartphone you wish to spy together with address, email ID and birthday information stored with the relevant contact

9 Guestspy monitors multimedia files

Photo tracker: GuestSpy’s Photo tracker not only captures images stored on the intended user’s cell phone but also records all videos that are saved there which you can access via your online dashboard

10 Guestspy provides remote access

Sms control: You can directly send text messages to the targeted cell phone in order to enjoy the perks of spying features remotely with the help of internet connection

11 Guestspy offers auto-answer and spy calling features

Auto answering: You can remotely turn on the auto answering mode
Spy calling: Activate Spy calling feature without physically accessing the targeted smartphone

12) Guestspy provides an online live control panel

Live panel: With the help of internet connection you can enjoy the benefits of GuestSpy’s live control panel that lets you remotely take full you authority over the suspicious person’s smartphone

13 Guestspy traces user’s activities

User activity: Get notified about all log in as well as log out time sessions of the targeted person’s online activity

14 Guestspy is hard to detect

Undetectable: GuestSpy guarantees you that it is 100% undetectable feature for both Android as well as iPhone/iPad

Merits and Demerits As Per Guests Reviews


  • GuestSpy’s call and surrounding recording feature is great and only few cell phone monitoring software offer this
  • Its online live panel lets you take full authority over your teen’s smartphone
  • Its auto answering and spy calling feature is unique and works great


  • Doesn’t support voice call interception
  • Non-availability of online chat
  • In comparison to other Cell Phone Spying Software, it doesn’t offer wide range of features


Pricing and Plans

Standard edition

Monthly: $20.99
Quarterly: $45.99
Half-Yearly: $80.99
Yearly: $120.99

Premium edition

Monthly: $24.99
Quarterly: $60.99
Half-Yearly: $100.99
Yearly: $140.99

Gold edition

Monthly: $28.99
Quarterly: $75.99
Half-Yearly: $120.99
Yearly: $160.99

What’s Our Verdict?

Guestspy is unquestionably a great Cell Phone Spying Software which offers a nice range of features. And if you are convinced with the Guestspy reviews, then you can buy this software at the following link: