MobileSPY Review

Top Leading Spy app 2018Mobile Spy is an advanced hybrid smartphone monitoring software that enables you to monitor your children or employees remotely. It provides you the privilege to take control over their cell phone without even touching it. It is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones and is great for choice for all your spying needs. Find out more reviews of Mobile Spy app here.

Features of Mobile Spy

1. Mobile Spy Monitors Text Message

Text Information: Get to know about all details of messages exchanged by your loved ones via their smartphone
Access Deleted messages: The best part about Mobile Spy’s text monitoring feature is that it even lets you track the deleted messages by saving it to its system log which you can access anytime and from anywhere.

2. Mobile Spy Tracks Call History Details

Caller and recipient details: Get full details about who your employee or teen is talking to
Call duration: Trace time of incoming and outgoing calls along with total time spent on each call

3. Mobile spy Traces email information

Email Tracing: You also get a chance to remotely check all inbound and outbound emails and whether or not your child is using that particular email to create an account on inappropriate websites
Note : This feature only for iPhone and Blackberry

4.Mobile Spy Tracks User’s Gmail Account

Sent and received emails: Trace all the details about the sender and receiver of the email sent via the Gmail account
Timestamp: Trace exact time of mail sent and received
Full info: You get to view full details about the email sent or received including subject and full text
Note : This feature only for iPhone and Rooted Android

5. Mobile Spy Monitors Messenger Services

Blackberry messenger: Trace all the messages sent via the Blackberry messenger application
Yahoo: Track all yahoo messenger conversations with Mobile Spy Monitoring Application
Gtalk: Read all the communications made via the GTALK app
Windows live: Get access to all messages sent and received using Windows Live Messenger
AQL: You can remotely check all AQL chats remotely without even touching the smartphone you wish to spy
Note:This feature only for Tracking of all these messenger services are available only for Blackberry

6. Mobile Spy Secretly Captures All Imessage Conversations

Imessage monitoring: You can read full text of iMessage Conversations made by the targeted user

7. Mobile Spy Tracks Blackberry Pin Messages

Blackberry pin monitoring: All Blackberry pin communications are automatically saved to the online control panel where you can view details like sender, receiver, subject, and full text of each incoming and outgoing message exchanged

8. Mobile Spy Accesses Cell Phone Contacts

Phonebook addition: Any new addition made to the Phone Book is remotely visible on the online dashboard
Contact Access: Get access to all contacts saved on the targeted person’s smartphone

9. Mobile Spy Offers Logging Features

Calendar/task: You can keep a track of all important meeting, birthdays and tasks scheduled on certain date with exact timestamp details
Top 10 Report:Most visited websites, commonly used applications as well as frequently made calls, messages and emails can be traced via this feature

Keylogger: Mobile Spy secretly captures all keystrokes that are either recently or frequently been used by your teen

Logs via the email: You can even choose to opt for email updates rather than visiting the online portal, in simple words, you can get all phone activity details on your registered email

Wifi inserting: You can even choose to get updates only when the targeted cell phone is connected to WIFI in order to reduce mobile/cellular data deduction as well as battery exhaustion

Remote setting: You can remotely change settings for various spying features as per your convenience

10. Mobile Spy Tracks Gps Locations

Sms Command: You can send an SMS Command to the respective cell phone you wish to spy in order to trace the exact location of the targeted user

Location logs: You can access location history logs of the places visited by your near and dear ones by logging in to the online account. You are also provided with additional Map links to recently visited places

Real time: Trace the real-time live locations of your loved ones

11. Mobile Spy Takes a Note Of All Internet Activities

Web Browser History: You can keep a trail of all websites that have been visited by your child or loved one using their favorite web browser

Youtube: All frequently to most visited video URL’s can be monitored remotely along with their links to check the respective videos instantly

Social Networking: Mobile Spy secretly captures screenshots from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp accounts

12. Mobile Spy Traces Multimedia Files

Multimedia Access: Monitor all photos that were taken or saved on your teen’s cell phone.

13. Mobile Spy Lets You Get You Notified With Instant Alerts

Profanity: Get instantly notified about the use of foul language by your teen

Contact: Get informed about new additions made to the contact list

Geo-Fencing: Get instant alerts when your loved ones enter the Geo-fenced areas

Intrusion: Whenever a new sim will be inserted into targeted cell phone you will get instant alert

Custom: You can set alerts for specific keywords that you find inappropriate

14. Mobile Spy Offers Advanced Monitoring Tools

Multiple Device Management: You can add more than one device with a single subscription
Block Applications: Using Mobile Spy, you can block inappropriate applications that should not be present on your teen’s cell phone
Device info: Get complete information including version of operating system
Sim Card Info: Get detailed information about sim that is active on the cell phone
Phone Locking: You get full privilege to lock the phone remotely
Remote Deletion: You can even delete messages that are sent to the targeted cell phone without leaving a trace
Export Logs: You can supervise all the activities of the suspicious person you wish to spy by exporting all the logs to your respective online account

Merits and Demerits as Per Mobile Spy Reviews 


You don’t have to pay for new updates
You can monitor three devices with one subscription
24/7 Online Chat Support
Free SpinerSpy App comes free with purchase which you can use to spy your teen’s desktop usage


Email tracking is only available for Blackberry and iPhone, not for Android Phones
Gmail App tracking feature only available for iPhone and in order to avail that feature on your Android Phone you will have to get it rooted
Its messenger tracking feature is only available for Blackberry Phone
The LIVE Control Panel, Screen LIVE Feature, and Instant GPS MAP requires Mobile Spy’s Premium License

Pricing and Plans

Basic Edition

Monthly: $ 49.97
Quarterly: $ 69.97
Yearly: $ 99.97

Premium Edition

Monthly: $ 64.97
Quarterly: $ 89.97
Yearly: $ 139.97

Upgrade Plan

So, if you have already purchased any of the above mentioned basic subscriptions, upgrade it to a premium edition with the following premium upgraded plan:
Quarterly: $ 15.00
Half-Yearly: $ 20.00
Yearly: $ 40.00

What’s Our Verdict?

So, by now you already have a thorough knowledge of this product through our Reviews of mobile spy app. Keeping in mind all the merits and demerits of this products, you can easily make out whether it is compatible with your product or not.