mSpy Reviews

Mspy is best spy app
mSpy is one of leading  Cell Phone Spying Software that alone can serve all your spying needs including employee and teen monitoring. mSpy offers you complete remote access to the targeted cell phone and desktop you wish to spy.  Read the full reviews of this ultimate spyware here.

Some Great Features of Mspy For Cellphone

1. Mspy Tracks Text Messages

Message Information: Get full access to text content sent or received by the targeted user
Message Type: Check whether the message you are reading is sent or received
Contact Detail: Get contact details of sender and receiver including names and contact number

Time Span: Keep a track of date and time of messages exchanged via the targeted cell phone

2. Mspy Traces Call Information

Call log Info: Keep a record of details like contact number, name, number of calls made and even duration of a call
Call Blocking: You can even remotely block phone calls from unwanted contacts

3. Mspy Monitors Social Networking Activities

Social Tracking: All Social Networking activities can be traced via mSpy’s online monitoring dashboard

4. Mspy Traces Email Information

Emails: Keep a track of all incoming and outgoing emails along with name and contact information

5. Mspy Provides Gps Tracking Services

Gps Location: Track whereabouts of your loved ones along with route history
Geo-Fencing: Geo fence certain areas that you want to forbid for your loved ones and get all information about how often they visit those areas

mspy is Best of Spy Apps 2018


6. Mspy Tracks Instant Messaging Applications

Whatsapp: Access all Whatsapp activities including conversations, pictures, audios, videos and even live location
Skype: All incoming and outgoing Skype calls can be traced via mSpy
Tinder: Trace all sent as well as received Tinder messages along with time along with information about matches and super likes
Snapchat: Keep an eye on Snapchat chats and images with the help of mSpy
Line: Check all pictures, stickers, emojis, and contact list sent via the LINE app
Hangouts: Spy on all GIFS, emojis, stickers, pictures, and location exchanged via Hangout
Telegram: Keep track of all incoming and outgoing messages sent via Telegram
Imessage: Keep an eye on all conversations made by via iMessage application

7. Mspy Keeps Track of Internet Usage

Browser History: Track both most visited and recently visited website URL’s along with the previous history of browsing
Bookmarks: You can access all mobile bookmarks that are saved by the targeted user

8. Mspy Traces Calendar and Address Book

Contact Details: Remotely monitor all contacts details including name and number saved on the phone book
Calendar Activities: Keep a track of all important dates, birthdays and meetings marked on the calendar

9. Mspy Monitors Program And Applications Details

Application List: Get detailed information about newly installed applications including games, social networking apps, and even other important utility apps
Application Blocking: You can remotely block applications that you don’t find appropriate for the use if your child or family member
Cell Phone Keylogger: You can even access all mobile keystrokes that are used most frequently by the suspicious person

10. Mspy Provides Remote Access

Data Erasing: You can even erase the data stored on the targeted cell phone in case it is stolen
Remote Locking: You get full remote access to lock your child’s phone remotely
Additional Info: You can remotely check battery status along with data connectivity details(WIFI/CELLULAR DATA)

11. Mspy Captures Keylogs

Keyboard Keylogger: Keystrokes that are typed frequently are saved to the key log and can be viewed by the online dashboard

12. Mspy Remotely Takes Screenshot

screenshot capture all online and offline activities taking place on the targeted user’s desktop by constantly getting screenshot updates

13. Mspy Monitors Application Usage

Programs And Applications Get access to exact time spent on certain programs and applications that are installed on the suspicious person’s desktop

14. Mspy Traces User’s Activities

User Activity Get notified about all log in as well as log out time sessions of the targeted person’s online activity

15. Mspy Spies On Installed Applications

App UsageGet access to the list of recently installed applications with additional details about time of installation and application version

Best Cellphone Spy App


Merits And Demerits As Per Mspy Reviews 


  • Its keystroke history log is a unique feature mSpy offers that help dug out the evidence from the suspicious person’s cell phone
  • The screenshot feature is a great way to get automatic updates about your child’s phone activity
  • The screen locking feature is great for parental control needs as you can remotely lock the device from miles apart
  • Application blocking works smooth and helps parents and lovers to inappropriate apps from their teens and beloved one’s cell phone respectively


  • Jailbreak needed in order to spy on an iPhone
  • Chat service isn’t available 24 X 7
  • In comparison to other Cell Phone Spying Software, it is quite expensive


Pricing And Plans Of Mspy


Basic Edition

Monthly: $ 29.99
Quarterly: $ 59.99
Yearly: $ 99.99

Premium Edition

Monthly: $ 69.99
Quarterly: $ 119.99
Yearly: $ 199.99

No Jailbreak Edition

Monthly: $ 69.99
Quarterly: $ 119.99
Yearly: $ 199.99


Monthly:$ 29.99
Quarterly: $ 39.99
Yearly: $ 69.99

Family Kit

Mobile Family Kit

Half Yearly: $ 359.97
Yearly: $ 479.97
Bundle(Mobile Premium + Computer)
Monthly: $ 84.99
Quarterly: $ 135.99
Yearly: $ 229.99

Computer Family Kit

Half Yearly: $ 119.97
Yearly: $ 167.97

What’s Our Verdict?

mSpy is undoubtedly a great Cell Phone Spying Software that offers a wide range of features for cell phone and desktop.