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Want to know what Spymaster Pro is? How does it work? Or how safe it is? Well, here is all that you should know before buying Spymaster Pro. Also, know an unbiased and in-depth review of spymaster Pro.

Spymaster Pro is a global leader in the mobile spy software industry.It hosts a complete set of monitoring features, including both basic attributes like call and text logs, and many advanced ones such as reading Instant Messenger conversations. The best thing that comes packed with this spy product, is an excellent tech assistance, which is there to help you out with just about everything regarding spying on cell phones, 24*7.

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If you want to track an iPhone, then you just have to provide the Apple ID credentials of that phone to the company, to commence spying on anyone, who is meaningful in your professional or personal life.

On the other hand, for spying on an Android phone, you have to install this spy software on the target phone. But, don’t worry, for this set-up process all you need is 5 minutes.When designing and developing this software, the company invested a significant amount of money and time on making this impeccable in terms of ensuring the safety and security of data, which is obtained from the target phone. The data is pre-encrypted to a level where even our technical team can ever gain access to your private data.

Reasons, Why There is no Match to Spymaster Pro?

  • Unparalleled Customer Support, There to Address Even the Minutest Query and Complaint of Yours.
  • It is the Only Software That Offers No Installation- No Jailbreak Solution for iPhone.
  • With This App, You Can Monitor Someone’s Whereabouts While You Are in Your Home or Office.
  • It is an Affordable Product, Therefore, Buying This App Won’t Feel a Pinch in Your Penny-Pinching Mind.


Review of Spymaster Pro Features

1. WhatsApp Tracking – The messages and information exchanged through WhatsApp Messenger can be tracked with the help of this app.
2. Facebook Tracking – Monitor the activities performed on the Facebook account by the target user.
3. Call log Tracking – Use the feature to track the information regarding sent and received calls, time of the call, call duration of the target device.
4. Text message tracking – Messages sent and received through the target device can be tracked with this app.
5. Phone book Tracking – Access the contact details of the target device and keep a supervision on the target user.
6. GPS Tracking – It contains features that facilitate to spot the exact location of the target Android Phone. However, it can’t track iPhone location.
7. Snapchat Spy– With the help of Spymaster Pro you can track text messages of targeted device.
8. Instagram Tracking– Spymaster Pro is easily track Instagram messages of targeted Android phone and iPhone .
9. Web History – The feature is only available for Android Phones. The app fetches the information regarding the websites visited on the target Android Phone and update it to your account.
10. Photo Tracking – Tracking the details of the images stored on the target Android Phone is possible, however, the facility is not available for iPhone.
11. Email Tracking – Now it is possible to track the information sent and received by target Android phone through Email. The facility is only for Android phones and iPhone can’t be tracked through this.
12. Viber Tracking – Viber tracking is also possible with this fascinating spy software. It lets you remotely spy on the Viber messages of the target Android mobile. This tracking feature is currently available for only Android phones.
13. Hangouts Tracking – Now, you can spy on someone’s hangouts chats without letting them know about it. Hangouts tracking feature is unavailable for iPhone.

If you find any difficulty while using this cell phone spy app, a support team is available 24*7 to assist customers.

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Compatible Operating Systems

Spymaster Pro app is compatible with iOS and Android based operating system. It is not compatible with Windows and Symbian Operating system,

How to Install Spymaster Pro Spyware

Android Phone :

Firstly, install this app on the target device. The installation process will take few minutes. Once done, the app will start collecting the information from the target phone and update it to your account. The target Android phone to be monitored should have internet connection other wise no data will be collected.

iPhone :

Spying an iPhone is easier than Android. Just get iCloud credentials of target iPhone. Now login your account and submit these credentials. The activities performed on the target iPhone will be updated to your account. No jailbreak is required, however, make sure that data backup is enabled on target iPhone.


Merits and Demerits as Per Spymaster Pro Reviews 


  • Its subscription is inexpensive as compared to other spy software
  • In case of iPhone, no jailbreak is needed
  • To avail the benefits of iPhone Spying, no installation is needed
  • Spymaster Pro offers great discounts on every festive season
  • Your queries are never left unanswered as the chat support is available 24 X 7
  • Availability of Native language support
  • Last but not the least, refund policy is great


  • It doesn’t offer Call Recording feature
  • Software isn’t available for Blackberry Phones


Pricing and Plans



  • $39.99(basic edition)
  • $48.99(premium edition)


  • $49.99(basic edition)
  • $59.99(premium edition)


  • $79.99(basic edition)
  • $99.99(premium edition)


For iPhone


  • $57.99


  • $67.99


  • $119.99


Review of Spymaster Pro Refund Policy

In case if the product doesn’t meet the expectation of customers then a refund policy is also available with certain terms and conditions. However, the refunding will be permissible within 10 days of purchase of Spymaster Pro and if it fails to work then refund will be processed.

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What’s Our Verdict?

Undoubtedly, Spymaster Pro is an efficient cell phone monitoring software available at a very affordable price. It lets you enjoy amazing Android and iPhone spy features.

Now, you have our Honest Reviews about Spymaster Pro that will definitely help you in coming to a conclusion.

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