Spymaster Pro Update for iOS 14 is Here

Spymaster Pro Update for iOS 14 is Here

Spymaster Pro is the leading name in the cell phone spy software industry. It is the most reliable and safest spy app that you can use to keep your kids safe and catch a cheater. However, with the new iOS 14 update rolling out, the most basic concern in the minds of many is – Is Spymaster Pro compatible with iOS 14?

If you want to know about the same, we have exciting news for you. Spymaster Pro update for iOS 14 is here. You can now readily spy on iOS 14 remotely with it, and know what the target person is doing on their iPhone.Let us get an insight into what this new update supports:

iOS 14 Features – A Brief Overview

All the features that the latest iOS 14 update offers are more refined and advanced as compared to the earlier iOS versions. Here are the highlights for these updates:

  • Widgets have been redesigned.
  • The App Library automatically organizes all the apps into an easy‑to‑navigate view.
  • There are some new privacy options.
  • You can minimize picture in picture window offscreen.
  • Pinning conversations is possible in the new update.
  • SMS filter is a newly added option.
  • Siri has an all-new compact design.
  • There is a new translation app.

These are just a few features of this new iOS 14 release. Despite all these new features and privacy controls, Spymaster Pro has made it possible to spy on iOS 14 with its top-rated Spymaster Pro iOS features.

What’s New in The New Spymaster Pro Update For iOS 14?

The latest iOS 14 update will be received by all the iPhone 6s and later devices. And all of them are compatible with Spymaster Pro. The updated version of the software has the following to offer, in addition to the features already present:

  • Call recording is much easier now, and you can effectively monitor call logs and contacts.
  • You will get precise and real-time access to the target iPhone’s location along with the exact time of the target user’s stay at a specific location. 
  • Tracking social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat is easier than ever before. You can track almost every social activity of the target iPhone user.
  • The web history tracking feature is more advanced and lets you track even the target iPhone user’s bookmarks and visited URLs.
  • With the SMS tracking feature, you can read all the sent and received text messages remotely. You will also receive the date and time stamp of these messages.
  • The multimedia tracking feature now gives you access to the images, audio files, and videos on the target iPhone.

Apart from these newly updated features, the other Spymaster Pro features are the same and work exceptionally well with the latest iOS update. To know more about them, you can check our honest Spymaster Pro reviews.

Can You Spy On iOS 14 Without Jailbreak with The New Update?

You might know that Spymaster Pro offers a no-installation and a no-jailbreak solution for iPhone. And a piece of good news is that the cell phone spy software offers the same for iOS 14, as well. Thus, you will not need to lay your hands on the target user’s iPhone. 

With the Spymaster Pro iPhone spy software, you only need to know the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone to get started with it. This update for iOS 14 thus ensures that all the monitoring needs of the users are met, and they can track anyone remotely and without much effort. 


All iPhone 6s and later iPhone models have received the iOS 14 update. If any of your loved ones own such a device, you do not have to worry about their safety. Keep track of all you want with the updated and improved version of Spymaster Pro.