Spymaster Pro Upgrades ‘Sensitive Information Alert’ Feature

Spymaster Pro is the leading parental control app in the market. It is an advisable choice if you want to keep your kids safe from all online and mobile dangers in today’s world. Getting sensitive information from the target is a concern of many parents. After all, the internet routinely faces issues of confidential information leaked and which could be hugely devastating. That is why Spymaster Pro has introduced updates to its sensitive information alert features.

Sensitive Information Alert Features

Spymaster Pro is a trusted tool that will allow you to set specific alerts for a different kinds of information from the target mobile. These notifications will help you in a big way and let you know instantly about any new significant information received or send on the target mobile.

You will get sensitive information alert of kid’s phone with 100% security. Written below is a brief explanation of the critical alerts that received a recent update:-

– Specific contacts alerts

You will receive alerts on the contacts you have specified in the dashboard. As soon as these defined alerts get in touch, the panel will show you an instant alert.

– Specific email alerts

If you feel suspicions around a particular email, then the software will immediately notify you about the email in your dashboard.

– Instant notifications

Spymaster Pro has the feature of immediate information from the target cell phone about every sort of activity. These notifications will provide child safety controls to anxious parents.

– Specific words alert

You will instantly receive alerts on particular terms that you are worried about appearing in your kid’s SMS and instant messaging conversations. The instant alerts will show up on your dashboard.

– Particular words in emails

Spymaster Pro will provide you with instant information alerts as soon as the terms specified by you appear in an email sent or received on the target cell phone.

– Contacts notification

You will get information in real-time as soon as a particular set of contacts get in touch with the target cell phone and share multimedia files.

– Inappropriate content notification

When the target mobile views any content that gets deemed inappropriate, the dashboard will instantly receive notifications with detailed information. You will be able to find remotely sensitive content on the child’s phone through these alerts.

– Multimedia files notification

You will receive notifications in real-time for any multimedia file received on the target mobile. The dashboard will show all the data collected with detailed information.

– Social media activity alerts

You will get to view information about specific activities about social media. The dashboard will daily show detailed information on the activity alerts you have set for social media sites or apps.

– New contact notifications

The ID of the contacts that get in touch with the target mobile on social media will instantly be known to you through the dashboard.


Most of the world now live their lives through their smart-phones. Our confidential information gets stored on these mobiles, apps, and sites. Kids, in general, stay exposed to classified information leaks and other such threats. Thus, sensitive information alerts are one of the features that make Spymaster Pro a trusted parental control app for all the worried parents.