Xnspy Reviews

 Xnspy app is best spy app 2018XNSPY is a Cell Phone Monitoring Software that helps you keep an eye on your teens, employees or your loved ones. This application has specifically been designed for surveillance purpose and grants full access to all necessary information needed in order to spy a smartphone. The best part about using XNSPY is that you can enjoy the perks of all its services without even leaving a clue on the targeted device.

Some Great Features of Xnspy

1. Xnspy Tracks Call Logs And Messages

Call log: Access all the incoming and outgoing calls along with date, time and duration of the call
Sms tracking: Trace all sent and received message details including date, time and sender’s information
Contact watch-list: Suspicious callers can be put on watch-list and you will immediately be notified via
instant alert

2. Xnspy Traces Instant Messenger Chats Along With Multimedia Files

Facebook Messenger: You can read all messages exchanged via Facebook web and its messenger app
Whatsapp: Get full access to all Whatsapp conversations along with shared pictures, calls, and
Instagram: Trace all photos uploaded on Instagram using an Android Phone
iMessage: You can check all sent and received iMessages
Skype: All incoming and outgoing messages can be monitored on Skype
Viber: You can track all messages and calls along with Viber images.
Kik Messenger: Keep an eye on all sent and received Kik Messages
Tinder:You can trace all inbox Tinder messages

3. Xnspy Tracks Gps Location

Real-time Location: Trace the exact location of your loved ones using XNSPY
GPS Location History:Keep a track of all locations recently visited by your family or employees
Geo-fence Locations: Fence certain locations that your child or employees should not be found at and get instant updates on their whereabouts
Set Alert for Specific Location: Set alerts on specific locations and get notified every time the targeted person visits that place

Xnspy Reviews 2018

4. Xnspy Spy on Emails And Other Online Activities

Email Conversation: Read emails that are either sent to or received from the targeted phone.
Gmail:Get remote access to Gmail Application installed on the Android Phone
Web Browser History: Track all web browser history details including URLs of most recently visited websites
Bookmarks: Keep an eye on bookmarks that have been saved on their web browsers

5.Xnspy Provides Call And Surrounding Recording

Record Calls:You can remotely record calls and can even download them from your online dashboard to listen to them
Record Phone Surroundings:You can secretly turn on the microphone of the targeted cell phone to hear all surrounding noises

6. Xnspy Grants Access to Saved Pictures, Videos and Entries Marked on the Calendar

Images: Images saved both on internal and external storage can be accessed via XNSPY
Videos: Monitor all videos saved on the targeted smartphone
Calendar: Remotely check all entries that are saved on the calendar

7. Xnspy Provides an Extra Privilege to Control the Targeted Smartphone Remotely

Phone locking: You can remotely lock your teen’s or employee’s phone while they are studying or working respectively
Data Erasing: Remotely erase targeted smartphone’s data
Screenshot: Get live screenshot updates on your online control panel
App list: Trace any new addition made to the app list
Application blocking: Take full control over your teen’s smartphone, block inappropriate apps from their cell phones

8. Xnspy Updates You With its 24 x 7 Alert Feature

Contact: Get informed when a suspicious person calls your child or your partner
Word: Get notified when your child makes use of certain words that are offensive
Location: Geo fence specific locations to keep a track of their whereabouts with 24 X 7 updates
Sim card: Get an alert when the suspicious person changes his/her sim card

Merits and Demerits as Per Xnspy Reviews 


  • XNSPY’s has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use
  • Location tracking feature is quite fast and gives 100% accurate results
  • XNSPY’s lets you watch list words, numbers or even locations to get 24 X 7 alerts
  • It is an inexpensive Cell Phone Spying Software which offers 30+ features at an affordable price with
    basic features at $8.33/month and premium features at $12.49/month.
  • No need to jailbreak iPhone for iOS versions 9.x up to 11.2
  • App blocker feature has made child monitoring easier for parents
  • You can even use it to erase data from the targeted phone once it is lost or stolen.
  • No other Cell Phone Monitoring Software offers call and surrounding recording feature
  • Live screenshot feature secretly keeps on sending you pictures, without letting your child’s consent

Xnspy is Best Spy App


  • XNSPY’s Live Chat isn’t available 24 X 7, so if you are planning to get some information via their
    online support then you will definitely be disappointed
  • Its compatibility is limited to Android and iOS Operating Systems
  • iPhones with iOS versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x need jailbreaking

Pricing and Plans

Basic Edition

Monthly: $49.99/month
Quarterly: $23.33/month
Yearly: $8.33/month

Premium Edition

Monthly : $59.99/month
Quarterly : $33.33/month
Yearly: $12.49/month

What’s Our Verdict?

The merits and demerits that we discussed with you are some Honest Reviews of XNSPY that we encountered after using this software. So, it is totally your call whether or not you want to buy this software. But, we have already shared our honest reviews with you that you can consider while coming to a conclusion.